Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Mobile Phone Tariff Calculator/Comparator For Webmasters and Affiliates

Developed over a couple of years, I have successfully been offering my tariff calculator as a free download from my site.

The datafeed I use is taken daily from and is both reliable and extensive. All that I need to do is to make the csv file an executable, upload it upto my site via ftp. Once the customer downloads the calculator it automatically checks to see whether:
a) there's any data there at all
b) the data is less than 1 day old.

If either is false it automatically downloads the latest data from the site. Everything is done automatically and is quite easy to set up. Of course, the feed contains deals from Vodafone, Three, Orange, T-Mobile, O2 and Virgin Mobile.

Your Own Branded White Lable Mobile Phone Calculator with Your Own Logos/Data etc
The bonus about having a downloadable piece of software like this is the simple fact that it is your deals they always have access to - long after they have visited your site. Once you have done the initial work (entering your company name, indicated where your logos are etc etc) there is only the need to upload the csv (as an executable) to your site. All the instructions that you need are included in the initial zipped file. Of course, if you have any queries or suggestions I would love to hear from you (via this blog or at office (at) tariffcalc (dot) com)

So, download the file, carryout the instructions and away you go. And, of course the best thing is that it's free - nice!